Scaffold Services

We have many flexible solutions to make your scaffold project successful whether it’s access for maintenance, capital projects, outages…

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Insulation Services

Our professional project management staff and highly trained craftsmen ensure each project meets job specifications and industry standards utilizing…

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Blasting & Paint Services

Industrial painting and blasting professionals dedicated to preserving the life of your assets with high quality primers and paints for…

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Safety Services

We are committed to quality work that encourages a safe, environmentally responsible and prosperous future for our customers. We understand…

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Welcome to ZIPS

Who Are We

Our specialized team provides scaffolding services and access equipment, coating and painting, cleaning, insulation and safety services. We are a leading provider of specialty services to the global energy market. Its extensive portfolio of specialized industrial service offerings include scaffolding, coatings, insulation, refractory, forming & shoring, cathodic protection, mechanical services and other related crafts.

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