Armor Plate®

Zuniga Insulation Paint Scaffold, LLC has formed an alliance with Armor Plate®, Inc. and has become a certified installer, certificate number 17-1684

Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap is a composite repair system that is used to repair corroded and mechanically damaged pipelines without depressurization.

Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap accommodates any pipe size configuration.

Amor Plate® Pipe Wrap uses specially designed Armor Fiber.

Recognized by DOT/PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration) as the model for composite repairs, as per DOT Federal Register, Volume 64, No. 239.

Trained installers available 24/7.


Advantages of Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap

  • Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap:
  • meets and exceeds the requirements of ASME PCC-2
  • provides superlative quality control, field and customer services
  • environmentally friendly application
  • long term extensive engineer testing since its inception in 1995
  • designed to repair pipelines while in service
  • excellent use in confined space repairs
  • used in world wide temperatures conditions

Pipeline Wrap Repair Professional Services

Fits all pipeline configurations such as:

  • tees
  • straight pipe
  • welds
  • elbows
  • reducers
  • branch connections
  • girth welds
  • wrinkle bends with external corrosion
  • dents
  • gouges

Armor Calc® :

  • is a mathematical based computer program designed to establish the required number of wraps for a pipeline repair with external corrosion, as per ASME PCC-2.
  • the number of wraps depends on the severity of the corroded pipe

Product Information

Is the original wet layup resin system that is engineer designed to be installed in a variety of environmental climates and pipeline operating temperatures.

  • AP 360 MP – Multi-purpose
  • AP 360 ZED – Cold temperatures at 32°F
  • AP 360 HT – High temperatures at 350°F
  • AP 360 UX – Underwater system

Corrosion products:

  • AP 370 PLC – Pipeline coating
  • AP 370 PMC – Pipeline maintenance coatings protects steel and concrete
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